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Using images, and sounds, we go through the centuries following

the events of Luxembourg’s history. Of course, we will not forget what is happening elsewhere in order to understand and recognize the influences that have shaped Luxembourg: history, art, society, literature are often linked; we focus on questions raised around the status of women, major societal changes, cultural and geopolitical influences, etc.


December, 13: History of women from the end of the 18th century to 1848;

January, 31st: History of women from 1848 to 1973 (including pioneer women in Luxembourg);

February, 21st: History of gastronomy;

March, 20: 1830-1839 - 9 strange years for Luxembourg and Belgium;

Thursday, May, 23: Léon “The African” (an exciting story of an extraordinary character .. the starting point is a book that Pierre Ernest de Mansfeld, Governor of Luxembourg in the 16th century, ordered during his imprisonment in Vincennes);

June, 19: A history of sport.

History of Luxembourg, Europe and elsewhere (6 lectures in French))

  •  Speaker for 22 years; author of books on the country's history.

    . External speaker for “Living together in the Grand Duchy”: History lesson of Luxembourg until its integration into Europe;
    . Columnist for the magazine “Luxembourg Féminin”.

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