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Registration open from September 2021

Joining allows you to take advantage of all the activities offered by our association, to receive practical and cultural information all year round, to be accompanied and to meet new members!

  •   Throughout the year, many varied activities are offered: workshops, conferences, coffee-meetings between members and newcomers and nearly 50 weekly activities.

  • Language courses and artistic activities  are  approved by the Ministry of  Education.

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  •   Our community is multicultural and dynamic, join us  

Membership Fee

 € 25

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September 2021
to June 2022


I am up to date with my membership which is 25 euros for the 2020-2021 year.

I respect the registration procedure as indicated in the Newsletter by LAI.

Payment ensures my registration to the course. Please remember that there is often a waiting list and delay in payment causes extra work for LAI in sending out reminders.

I am aware of LAI’s holiday dates and the duration of my course.

I notify the teacher in case of absence from a lesson/workshop for which I have registered.

I participate in good spirit and humour in the activities of LAI, conscious of the work carried out by teachers and volunteers in organising the activities.

It is my responsibility to take out personal insurance for any risks connected with my participation in LAI activities.

I shall not hold LAI responsible for any incident or accident that may occur during the activities of the Association.

I inform LAI immediately in case of a change of address or departure from Luxembourg, by e-mail ( or by telephone (24 17 17).

I shall not keep or pass on, the membership list or any other personal data relating to the other members (in respect of the European Law regarding the protection of personal data)