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- I am up to date with my registration.

- I respect the registration procedure when I want to register for an outing or activity.


- I respond promptly to invitations to the various events organised by the Accueil in order to facilitate their organisation and avoid reminders being needed.


- I inform the person in charge as soon as possible of my absence when I have registered for an activity or an outing, or of any information that could affect the smooth running of the event.


- I modify any change in my contact information by logging on to the Luxembourg Accueil website.


- I participate in the activities of Luxembourg Accueil Information in a good mood, respecting the work done by the volunteers.


- I will not use the mailing lists or the members' directory for commercial purposes, especially for private sales at home.


- I release Luxembourg Accueil from any responsibility for any incident or accident occurring during the activities carried out within the framework of its activities.


- I am aware that it is my responsibility to take out personal insurance for all risks related to my participation, or that of my family, in activities organised by Luxembourg Accueil.


- I authorise Luxembourg Accueil to use photos of me in the context of its activities only for its website, its social networks or other publications for internal use.


- I authorise Luxembourg Accueil to send me the newsletter to the email address indicated in my contact information.


- I authorise Luxembourg Accueil to set up as necessary a WhatsApp group for any activity I participate in.

à partir du 10 septembre

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