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Golden Age, ma Story

Golden Age, ma Story

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A workshop for you!

Explore between women a period of life that is here or to come, with curiosity, lightness, enthusiasm and lucidity that we have named "Golden Age, ma Story".

Free yourself from certain concepts, reclaim your uniqueness, your freedom and write a new page in your life.

Learn and enrich each other from our testimonies in a caring environment.

Make the choices that matter to us to fully experience the adventure.


This activity is in French.


The programme:


12 October: What I'm experiencing: taking stock of body and mind


09 November: Ageing well is possible: taking care of yourself


30 November: The right words: being kind to yourself and others


14 December: Living in the present: slowing down and letting go


11 January: Giving meaning to my life: cultivating connection


1 February: Living life to the full: wonder and liberation


29 February: Reinventing yourself: challenging yourself


21 March: Taking stock


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