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Raphaële invites you to discover music, the musical world through a work, a composer or through an event, an exhibition, a birthday, a trip!


This year's program:


Friday, October 27 - The Italians in Paris ... Donizetti, Bellini

In the first half of the 19th century, Paris fell under the spell of Italian opera. After Rossini, it was Donizetti and Bellini who conquered the public. Who were these shooting stars of music? What did they contribute to musical drama and opera buffa? Did they take vocal virtuosity to new heights? From Italy to Paris, we explore the contributions of these musical personalities and the richness of their repretoires. Friday, November 24 - Church music

In response to Bach's cantatas, which gave rhythm to Protestant worship, we'll look at the specific features of Catholic church music: motets, psalms and masses.

Friday, December 15 - A surprise on the cello ...

Friday, January 26 - Igor Stravinsky Born in St. Petersburg in 1882, Igor Stravinsky died in New York in 1971. We will explore the life and work of this musician, whose trajectory mirrors the tormented history of the 20th century. How can one be born Russian and die American, be at the cutting edge of modernity before returning to more classical shores? Let's find out.

Friday February 23 - Baroque instruments

A visit to the Louvre revealed many paintings, allegories and still lifes featuring musical instruments. This inspired me to present the instruments of the 17th and 18th centuries, their tessitura, their particularities and their repertoire. Friday March 22 - Music and travel Musicians have always traveled... But why? Under what conditions? Did these journeys inspire their works?

History of music (6 lectures)(in French)



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