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Café Poussette (Baby-Buggy Café)

Café Poussette (Baby-Buggy Café)


The Café-Poussette (Baby-Buggy Café) is more than a Café!

It is a space where children from 0 to 3 years old and their (future) parents and grandparents can share a friendly moment to play, exchange and meet with other families. Lots of toys and equipment suitable for young children are available to you as well as an information point. Marianne, Nadège, Mireille and Sabine are waiting for you!


Why come to the Café-Poussette (Baby-Buggy Café)?

• To play, to share a pleasant moment with your child, other adults and other children

• To observe your child evolve within a group

• To discuss with other adults on issues related to children and create links around a friendly moment, to share a coffee, tea …

• To help you to separate yourself gently from your child, to prepare him for future childcare or starting school.


Your child remains under your full responsibility.


  • Marianne Bérard avec Nadège Mathieu-Castaing, Mireille Fosset and Sabine Antheaume

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