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Beginner level

I will be happy to pass on my knowledge and my passion to help you discover this strategy game.


Bridge is a sport of the mind, a card and team game, combining strategy, deduction, concentration, memory and cerebral strategies because each hand is different, so it can be considered an asset for preserving cognitive abilities.

Researchers are taking a close interest in the virtues of bridge, the regular practice of which could slow the onset of Alzheimer's disease.

Bridge is an excellent way socialization, helps to fight loneliness, leads to encounters and reflections, it is fun, full of surprises and never boring.

Danielle STREIFF, is an experienced bridge player with several awards (Vice-Champion of France 1998, Champion of Lorraine in various competitions).

I will be delighted to welcome you with kindness and pedagogy.


This activity is in French.


Bridge Beginners

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