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In the early days

The non profit making association was created in 1977 by young Luxembourgish, French, Belgian and English residents who decided to welcome families arriving in Luxembourg by giving them the opportunity to meet and exchange regularly. The office of Luxembourg Accueil Information is located in the Grund, by the ALzette river, and has been a lively meeting point from the initial days until now.


Luxembourg Accueil Information has grown and now totals more than 800 membres from 50 different nationalities. The association office currently located at 24 Montée du Grund offers in its premises:

An information service about the daily life in Luxembourg, the leisure and the cultural aspects of it, etc…

A welcome service around diverse activities which each are opportunities to create links between members: cultural activities (linguistic classes, visits to exhibitions…),  artistic (drawing, patchwork…) or convivial (cafés…).

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The team

Some 20 volunteers guarantee the smooth running of the office and the daily permanences.

Some 30 other volunteers organise the group activities such as the walks, the cultural visits, ...

Last but not least professionally trained tutors share their talent in artistic and linguistic fields.

Luxembourg Accueil exists thanks to the goodwill of the Luxembourgish authorities and most particularly thanks to that of the Ville de Luxembourg.