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Pilates Muscle strengthening

Pilates Muscle strengthening

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Come and enjoy a physical activity class which includes 45 minutes of muscle strengthening and 45 minutes of Pilates.

The objective of muscle strengthening is to improve or maintain muscle performance related to daily movements such as carrying things (shopping bags for example), taking more intensive/long walks, or improving your cardiovascular system. The exercises used for muscle building do not require any equipment and can therefore be easily reproduced at home!

Pilates is a complement to the muscle strengthening and focuses on the maintenance of what is called “deep” or “structural” muscles. These muscles are used for overall good body posture. Good muscle health helps prevent muscle or joint pain / problems.

Pilates consists mainly of static exercises and stretching which is very useful for maintaining good physical health!

This activity takes place in a small group so that I can adapt the session as much as possible to each of your individual needs. And all this in an atmosphere of fun and good humor!

So do not hesitate to register to try it and I hope it will become a regular routine for you!


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