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We'd like to invite you to explore Japanese culture and heritage. This year, we present themes related to arts and crafts, literature and music, from the point of view of cultural exchanges between East and West.


October 13, 2023: (presented by Nanako)

“Japanism and the Belle Époque”

November 10, 2023: (presented by Nanako)

“Cultural Exchanges from Antiquity to the Modern Period”


December 8, 2023: (presented by Nanako)

“The silk voyage”


January 19, 2024: (presented by Maki)

“Sakura, Mikado, Butterfly, and more – Singing and dancing Japanism”


February 2, 2024: (presented by Maki)

"From Shadow to Light - Japanese Films influences"


March 15, 2024: (presented by Maki)

“Haiku – The world in 3 lines”

Lectures will be given in French and English.

Japanese culture and heritage (6 lecturs)


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