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Club de cuisine et culture ( CCC )

Club de cuisine et culture ( CCC )

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« La gastronomie est l'art d'utiliser la nourriture pour créer le bonheur »

Theodore Zeldin, sociologue de l’university Oxford


How lucky we are to live in Luxembourg - the heart of Europe, in a country with such a diversity of cultures from all over the world. I'd like to propose a cooking and culture club to share our passion for gastronomy of diverse origins. A team of 8 people with a passion for cultural gastronomy will introduce you to cuisines from different horizons. Once a month, a host will tell you about the culinary history of her country; she'll talk about her culinary memories, ingredients, spices, dishes and recipes. The meeting will take place in a room at Luxembourg Accueil, in the form of a discussion over coffee or tea. Participants are free to bring their own cakes and sweets to share, or simply refrain and have a better appetite for lunch. As an option, to continue the journey through flavors, the CCC meeting can be followed by lunch in a restaurant linked to the session theme. Depending on the availability of the reception room or special events, the meeting may be held outside. Any changes or information will be communicated by e-mail. The activity is free of charge, but if you wish to take part in the lunch, you must pay for the lunch in advance of each session.


October 15, 2023 -- Vin de Luxembourg: Visit to Bernard Massard's cellar in Grevenmacher by Jeanne Thibo

November 22 -- Argentine cuisine presented by Cécilia Acevedo

December 6 -- Christmas in Luxembourg: tradition and festive cuisine, presented by Jeanne Thibo

January 17, 2024 -- Italian gastronomy and Lombardy specialties, presented by Simonetta Amato

February 28 -- Ethiopian cuisine with Katherine Mengistab (registration limited to 15 people)

March 27 -- Peruvian cuisine presented by Ofelia and JeanMarie Weber

7. May 8 -- Philippine cuisine with Maria-Christe Bruni-Roccia (registration limited to 15).


This activity is in French




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