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Yu-Ling offers you six lectures on Chinese culture with different and interesting themes.


October 4, 2023— Health according to the Chinese - a balance of body and mind: the history of Chinese medicine

November 29 — Sight: the origin and manufacture of China's colors - imperial yellow, temple of heaven blue, seal red, ink black, and other distinctive colors.

December 20— Hearing: Chinese dialects and their traditional songs

January 24, 2024 — Smell: the spirit of Chinese incense and the art of perfume burning.

March 6 — - Taste: the virtues of tea and an awakening to unknown tastes; the session is accompanied by a demonstration of the art of Chinese tea.

April 24— Touch: the secrets of silk - the softest and noblest material for the skin for 4,000 years, available to the masses from the 17th century in China

History of Chinese Art and Culture (6 lectures)(in French)


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