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A sheet of cardboard, glue, a cutter, paper or fabric… and from your hands come tea boxes, jewelry boxes, trays or dollhouses, drawer organizers … anyything you can imagine. Each object will be made to your measurements.

It is an activity that we will do over the a day in order to be able to finish your project in a single session or almost.

For the first lesson, I will provide glue, kraft paper (brown paper) and cardboard. We will take evaluate your level and your wishes.

For the lessons, the material to bring is a cutter with which you are comfortable, a pencil, an eraser, small and large brushes (to spread the glue), a pair of scissors, an empty pot/jar to dip your brushes, a cloth, fabric (100% cotto, or linen which is not too thick, in summary a 100% natural fabric) or paper. A metal ruler if you have one (otherwise I will lend you one).

For each class I will provide a descriptive sheet of the project you want to do in the next class (with dimensions).

You will be proud of your creations.


Cardboard workshop (4 sessions)


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